Wisconsin DNR Waterfowl Research

The Office of Applied Science employs a highly skilled staff who are equipped with a broad range of expertise across wildlife, fisheries, and ecology research.

Staff on the wildlife research team specialize in a variety of areas throughout the field, including wildlife population monitoring, harvest projection, disease ecology and population dynamics. We conduct our work statewide and our projects are diverse in scope, with a primary focus on game species management.

Some of our current projects include evaluation of CWD impacts to deer; research on the primary drivers of duck populations; modeling of bear and bobcat populations; evaluation of wildlife habitat management strategies and evaluation of elk reintroduction.

The wildlife research team collaborates with universities, federal and state agencies and conservation groups across the state and country to help meet the DNR’s high priority research needs, and provides opportunities for citizen science through hunter, trapper, landowner, and recreational volunteer programs.

Bergstrom Complex