In 2019 a small group of passionate Wisconsin waterfowl hunters gathered with the intention of transforming the Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunters Conference into a more dynamic event that would attract and reach a larger audience of waterfowl hunters across Wisconsin and the Midwest. This group of ambitious enthusiasts envisioned an event that would share with visitors the unique waterfowling heritage that they treasured, in the hopes of preserving it before it was lost, while raising awareness to protect the wildlife and habitat that were integral to sustaining a healthy future.

Since 2002, the original conference was designed by a committee of independent waterfowl hunters preserving and enhancing waterfowl hunting, and the heritage of hunting.  It was supported by individuals, conservation groups, businesses and government agencies.

Renamed in 2020 the Waterfowl Hunters Expo (WHE) to reflect the broader scope of events and activities showcased at the event, the WHE will continue the original commitment of establishing a conduit of communication, education and engagement between the waterfowl hunting community and those entrusted with managing and regulating waterfowl resources.

Today, we are happy to announce the Waterfowl Hunters Expo (WHE) planned for August 24, 2024 has garnered widespread interest and support of individual waterfowl hunters and greater active involvement and cooperative participation of the major hunting groups, conservation organizations and government agencies within the state of Wisconsin.

The WHE is the realization of a one-of-a-kind event, an event designed specifically for the waterfowl hunter and waterfowling enthusiasts.  An Expo featuring a  broad range of seminars, events, contests and activities.  A place where each visitor young or old, male and female will find something that they can enjoy, share and participate together.

Waterfowlers we look forward to seeing you on August 24th, 2024.