Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and the Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunters Expo are excited to sponsor three scholarships for university students: two for $1,500 and one for $1,000.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is dedicated to the future of hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting sports. They accomplish these goals through conservation education and the advancement of sound policies on a state and federal level. The Waterfowl Hunter Expo is an annual event that is coordinated by organizations that cherish Wisconsin’s unique waterfowling heritage in the hopes of preserving it, while raising awareness to protect the wildlife and habitat that are integral to sustaining a healthy future.

The purpose of these scholarships is to assist and support students seeking a career managing and regulating waterfowl resources. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunter Expo believe communication, education and engagement between the waterfowl hunting community and those entrusted with managing and protecting waterfowl resources is critical.


To be eligible for these scholarships, an applicant must be either:

  • an undergraduate or graduate student at a Wisconsin university, college, or vocational technical institute in a program that has a curriculum focused on wildlife management, wildlife law enforcement or shooting sports—in this instance, Wisconsin residency is not required; or
  • an undergraduate or graduate student at an out-of-state (including Canada) university, college, or vocational technical institute in a program that has a curriculum heavily focused on wildlife management, wildlife law enforcement or shooting sports—in this instance, Wisconsin residency is

Selection Process:

 Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Waterfowl Hunters Expo Scholarship Committee. The decision of that Committee shall be final. Scholarship winners will be selected and notified by July 22, 2023.

Application Process and Format:

 A scholarship letter and transcripts, undergrad and graduate when applicable, should be submitted as a single PDF document to The file should be named LastName_FirstName. The scholarship letter should have standard one-inch margins using font size 11, in either Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial font following the format below:

[Applicant Name]
J. Hunts Fowl

[Home of Record Address]
321 1st Street
Gander, WI 12345
Phone: (998) 765-4321

[University or Institution Address]
Waterfowl University 123 Main Street
Gander, WI 12345
Phone: (123) 456-7899

[Contact Information For Current Advisor or Major Professor]
Waterfowl Professor
Avian and Wetland Ecology 123 Main Street
Gander, WI 12345
Phone: (444) 123-4567
[Statement Of Your Career Goals]
Please provide up to a half-page description of your career goals

[Resume That Contains Pertinent Past Work Experience, Volunteer Work, And Extracurricular Activities Related To Wildlife Management And Your Career Goals]
Provide a resume that describes your past work experience, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities, including organizational memberships (e.g., Wisconsin Waterfowl Association), that are related to wildlife management and your career goals. This section should be limited to one page.

[Statement Of Why You Should Be Awarded This Scholarship]
Provide a one page statement on why you feel that you should be selected for the Waterfowl Hunters EXPO scholarship.

[Statement Whether Or Not You Are A Licensed Hunter]
Provide a one paragraph statement on if you are a licensed hunter, indicating the state or province most recently hunted in, and whether you are a waterfowl hunter.

[Proof Of Wisconsin Residency]
This section is only required for applicants that are not attending a Wisconsin University, College, or Vocational Technical College. Proof of residency will be the name, address, and phone number of the Wisconsin High School you graduated from and year of graduation.
Waterfowl High School 456 Lake Avenue
Hunter, WI 12345
Phone: (123) 456-7789
Year of Graduation: 2020

[College Transcripts]
Attach a copy of your college transcript(s), including GPA, for both undergraduate and graduate programs if applicable; unofficial transcripts will be accepted.

Application Deadline:

 The deadline for applications is June 1, Those applications submitted after June 1, 2023 will be disqualified.


  •  If in any year the Committee decides that no one meets the qualifications, an award will NOT be given in that year.
  • If in any year the Committee finds there are insufficient funds to cover a scholarship, an award will NOT be given in that year.
  • If in any year, the Committee awards the scholarship to a student, that student agrees to acknowledge the scholarship in his/her thesis, any works (e.g., poster or scientific presentations), and any scientific publications resulting from that research.

Notification and Processing:

 The recipient(s) of the scholarship(s) will be announced at the annual Waterfowl Hunters Expo and a letter will be sent to the successful candidate and the candidate’s academic advisor or major professor. The award will be in the form of a check that will be made out to the recipient and to the post- secondary school that the recipient is attending. The check may be mailed to the financial aid director of that school and can be collected by the recipient at the time of registration. At the Scholarship Committee’s discretion, it may present the check to the recipient directly.