Fastest Retriever Contest

Hosted by Heather Gottschalk

The fastest dog retrieving contest have become favorite with fans filling the bleachers to watch dogs of all breeds compete for the fastest time.  Who doesn’t enjoy watching a dog race across the grass to grab a training dummy. A little fun competition with your hunting buddies and a chance to win some cash


$5.00  for 2 runs, best of 2 runs is recorded.

YOUTH division is free

In person day of event or website pre-register up to the day of the event.

Registration must include the owner/handler’s name, dogs name, age, breed, mailing address, email and contact phone number. Please indicate if the dog will be run as a Prime Hunter, Senior Hunter(dog is 6 or older), Women’s Class or as a Youth Handler (handler is 12 or younger).

One dog can be entered as often as the owner wishes.  To provide winning opportunity for participants, If a dog places (1st or 2nd) in one session it may be entered in other sessions, however is not eligible for place prize. (Exception: the dog may be used in the youth division).


  • All dogs are required to be on a leash until on the line to run.  Dogs shall be leashed after the run is complete and before leaving the line
  • Handler enters what class he/she wishes to compete in when registering the dog. (Prime Hunter, Senior Hunter, Women’s  Class or Youth Handler).
  • The time will start when the handler “sends” the dog and will stop when the dog crosses the line with the bumper in mouth.
  • Each dog will have two opportunities to run, the best of the two times will be recorded.
  • Please be courteous of the participants at the line
  • Air your dog prior to bringing them into the course
  • Handlers are responsible for clean-up and disposal their dogs waste
  • Please NO professional trainers
  • Abuse of any dog will not be tolerated


Prime Hunter Class

  • Mornings Session 9:30am – 12:00pm
  • Afternoon Session 12:30pm – 2:30pm
  • Prize: Morning and Afternoon session for Prime Hunter Class: 1st = $100, 2nd = $50

Woman Class

  • Female Handler
  • 1 session (9:30-2:30) with winners determined at close of event (2:30pm)
  • Prize: 1st = $100, 2nd = $50

Senior Class

  • Dog is 6 years or older
  • 1 session (9:30-2:30) with winners determined at close of event (2:30pm)
  • Prize: 1st = $100, 2nd = $50

 Youth Class

  • Handler 12 or younger
  • The youth must handle the dog from the release to the point where the bumper is removed from the dog’s mouth (which the youth must do). If the dog is too strong for the youth to control, an adult may assist the youth with the dog to and from the line.
  • 1 session (9:30-2:30) with winners determined at close of event (2:30pm)
  • Prize: 1st and 2nd place prizes to be determined

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