Duck & Goose Calling Clinic

Conducted by Jeff Foiles is a renowned goose calling champion

Tips from a Goose Calling Champion

Jeff Foiles is a renowned goose calling champion, waterfowl hunting guide, and conservationist. Born and raised in Illinois, he began hunting at a young age and developed a passion for waterfowl hunting that would shape his life.

Foiles is best known for his exceptional talent as a goose caller, winning numerous calling competitions throughout his career. He is a four-time World Goose Calling Champion, two-time International Goose Calling Champion, and has won countless other regional and national titles.

In addition to his calling skills, Foiles is also an accomplished hunting guide, operating his own guide service in Illinois. He has become a respected figure in the waterfowl hunting community and has appeared in numerous television shows and hunting videos.

Foiles is also a staunch advocate for conservation efforts and has been actively involved in various conservation organizations throughout his career. He is a member of organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, and the Illinois Conservation Foundation.

Jeff Foiles