Increasing Women in Hunting and Waterfowling

Join us for an impactful and inspiring conversation as we address the importance of increasing female participation in hunting and waterfowling. Our panel discussion aims to achieve several key objectives, focusing on promoting female interest in waterfowling while shedding light on the experiences and perspectives of our esteemed panel members.

Throughout the discussion, our panel members will share their personal stories and motivations for becoming involved in hunting and waterfowling.

The discussion will also shed light on the opportunities that have emerged for our panel members because of their involvement in these fields. From exciting career paths and unforgettable experiences to the formation of lifelong friendships.

This panel discussion is not solely for women. We welcome males in the audience to attend and gain a different perspective and viewpoint. By fostering a diverse and inclusive audience, we can facilitate a richer and more comprehensive understanding of the challenges.

Connie Markham (Host) 

Residing in the charming town of East Troy, WI, Connie Markham is a passionate individual with a love for her community and the great outdoors. Her true passion lies in waterfowling across the country, cherishing the scenic beauty and tranquility it offers.

As an active member of the outdoor community, Connie dedicates her time to various local, state, and national initiatives, including WWA, WHE, WWF, and Learn to Hunt programs, enriching the lives of those around her. Her passion for environmental conservation and outdoor activities drives her commitment to protecting natural wonders for future generations.

In her free time, Connie explores nearby wetlands, rivers, lakes, and trails, participates in community events, and connects with fellow waterfowl enthusiasts. Her unwavering dedication to the environment and community makes her a cherished and valued member.

Rachel Voss

Meet Rachel Voss, a proud native of Washington State whose deep-rooted love for the outdoors has flourished over three decades of hunting and fishing. With an unwavering commitment to conservation, Rachel stands as a staunch advocate for women in the hunting sphere, passionately championing the R3 initiative.

In her role as the National Director for the First Hunt Foundation’s “Share The HERitage,” Rachel leads a transformative women’s mentored hunting program, empowering fellow outdoor enthusiasts to embrace the thrill of the hunt. While her expertise spans various game species, Rachel truly shines as a luminary in the waterfowl realm. Armed with unparalleled hunting acumen and an infectious zeal, she fervently encourages and guides other women to take their place in the duck and goose blinds, ensuring that the spirit of adventure and camaraderie thrives within the wilderness.

Hallie Schulz

Hallie has worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 21 years and has built on her love of the outdoors through her experience in engaging with others. Her passion is connecting people with the resource and encouraging recreation on your public lands. Her first experience waterfowl hunting was at a special lady’s hunt hosted on public land where she “caught the bug.” Showing up in jeans and a “camo” hoodie with a large bright logo on it, she quickly realized there was a lot to learn about waterfowling. She had a great friend that patiently mentored her, and she wants to do the same for others.

Hallie enjoys waterfowl hunting with her husband Jake and Chesapeake Bay Retriever Finn. She has been involved in organizing a waterfowl hunt for people with disabilities for many years at Trempealeau Refuge and had the honor in assisting with the first Women’s Learn to Hunt Waterfowl hosted in Wisconsin in 2023. She is excited to meet new faces and share stories at this year’s Women’s Zone and panel discussion.

Whitney Miller

In 2011 Whitney and her husband Josh started River Stone with gundog and obedience training.  In 2018 they started breeding world known British Labradors.  Whitney’s passion for her breeding program at River Stone shines through her puppies.  When someone talks about “bettering the breed” Whitney is the first one to understand what that means.  With each sire and dam in the River Stone breeding program, Whitney will put them through extensive genetic testing, temperament pairings, and pedigree lineage reading to ensure the puppies will be the perfect fit for her reservation lists.  She understands what it takes to range from therapy litters to hunt test litters, and everything in between.  From the second a puppy is born, until the family arrives to bring their puppy home, Whitney cares for each puppy in her specialized puppy development program to ensure the puppies are ready for their new home by being well socialized to new situations.  Not only does Whitney set her puppies up for success, but she also gives her puppy owners guidance on how to prepare to bring a puppy home, and what to do once the puppy is home.   At River Stone, Whitney is our Puppy Queen.  .

Kecia King

Kecia King has a story to tell! She is a native of Compton, California, and now a resident of Platteville, Wisconsin. She is also a retired military veteran with 22 years of honorable service in the United States Air Force. After retiring, she moved to Wisconsin as an elementary teacher. She soon discovered a growing interest in what Wisconsin offers in the outdoors and became a volunteer outdoor leader for a non-profit organization. As an outdoor leader, she connected with many hunters and was always intrigued by their passion.

Her first experience with hunting was at a Becoming an Outdoors Woman mentored turkey hunt event in Wisconsin. Although she did not harvest, the experience left her eager to know more about the world of hunting, and so she purchased her own firearm and attended more mentored hunting sessions to increase her knowledge.

Kecia’s new hunting experiences, eagerness to learn more about hunting, and her growing experience in the outdoors led to her also being certified as a Wisconsin Master Naturalist. This deepened her drive to learn and teach others in her community how to appreciate the delicate balance between hunters, animals, waterfowl, naturalists, and the environment. Join her at the panel discussion to share her insights on exploring the hunting community, and inspiring others to join her.

Kaitlin Kernosky

A passionate advocate of upland bird and waterfowl hunting, Kaitlin Kernosky has 12 years of experience in both fields. Her journey into waterfowl hunting began with an invitation from friends, sparking a deep and enduring love for the sport. For Kaitlin, hunting is more than a hobby; it’s a chance to create cherished memories with loved ones amidst nature’s beauty.

Joined by her loyal companion, a 5-year-old Golden Retriever named “Teal,” Kaitlin thrives in continuous training for the fall hunting seasons. Besides bird hunting, she explores diverse outdoor interests like fishing, trapping, hockey, and downhill skiing, all fueling her zest for life and nature.

With 11 years as a Conservation Warden with the DNR, Kaitlin connects with sportsmen and community members, fostering her passion for wildlife conservation. Her dedication to preserving nature and outdoor pursuits make her a valuable addition to the all-ladies discussion panel at the waterfowl EXPO.