Duck and Goose – Meat Calling Contest


Attention all hardcore waterfowlers! We have an electrifying announcement for you. We are proud to be the inaugural HOST of the most anticipated event of the season—the 1st Annual Duck and Goose Meat Calling Contest! And guess what? It’s sponsored by the renowned team at The Fowl Life!

🦆 Calling Contest Showdown 🦆

Prepare yourself for a showdown like no other as we bring you the thrilling Duck and Goose Meat Calling Contest! This contest is all about showcasing your skills and demonstrating your prowess in the art of calling waterfowl. With fantastic prizes provided by Jargon Game Calls and The Fowl Life apparel, there’s a chance to win big in both the Duck and Goose categories!

🏆 Prizes Galore 🏆

The competition will be fierce, but the rewards will be even sweeter. In each category—Duck and Goose—we will award exceptional prizes to the top three contestants. Imagine proudly displaying your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prize for all to see! The excitement will be off the charts!

⏰ One Minute to Shine ⏰

In this adrenaline-pumping contest, each entrant will have one minute to captivate the judges and the audience with their incredible calling skills. It’s your chance to impress and prove that you are a true maestro of waterfowl sounds. So make sure to bring your A-game and leave the judges and spectators in awe!

🎟️ Free Admission and Sign-Up 🎟️

You heard it right! Admission to this exhilarating contest is absolutely free. Simply head over to The Fowl Life Booth to secure your spot in the competition. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of waterfowling history!

🥇 Judges of Distinction 🥇

Our panel of judges is nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve assembled a dream team of waterfowling experts to assess your talents and crown the winners. We have the illustrious Dave Nelson and Mark Kakatsch, both renowned names in the field, along with a distinguished representative from the esteemed WWA (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust). With such seasoned professionals evaluating your performance, you know you’re in good hands.

So gear up, get those calls ready, and join us at the Waterfowl Hunters Expo for an unforgettable experience. This contest is sure to test your skills, ignite your competitive spirit, and bring together the waterfowling community like never before. See you at The Fowl Life Booth to sign up and make your mark in waterfowl calling history!

The Fowl Life