Private Wetland Management

Wetlands are critical waterfowl habitat

Every species of duck, goose and swan in North America depends on wetland habitat throughout their life cycle.

WWA’s wetland restoration program:

Their field restoration team utilizes a historic ecosystem-based technique, which has received international attention and acceptance.  Their top priority remains the expansion of Wisconsin’s wildlife habitat, and to that end, we have restored thousands of project acres, throughout the state.  Our projects are well-documented, and include many partners:  private landowners, the Wisconsin DNR & Federal Agencies, and other conservation groups. Their project funds originate with the works of our volunteer teams, raising local funds at various outreach events.  These funds are combined with other private donations, or participation from private landowners, and matched to state waterfowl stamp funds, or federal grant programs like the North American Wetland Conservation Act.  In this way, we they are able to leverage $1 raised into $2 or $3, to be spent in the field.


Peter Ziegler, Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Peter is Director of Habitat for Wisconsin Waterfowl Association.  Peter has over 19 years working in the habitat restoration field across the upper Midwest.  For WWA he completes property analysis, technical work, permitting and cost share associated with habitat restoration projects across the state for private landowners, non-profits, governmental agencies and commercial businesses.  He has designed restoration plans for small to large wetlands, stream realignments, and associated floodplain wetlands.  He has completed a wide diversity of restoration activities from long term site management being completed in stages over years to shorter term projects completed within a year or less.  He provides cost estimates, timelines, and long-term management guidelines for property owners/managers for grassland, wetland and woodland restorations.