Waterfowl Safari: Duck Identification

Waterfowl Safari: A beginners guide to duck identification


  • Tips To Make You a Better Waterfowl Hunter
  • Ducks At a Distance
  • Comparative Size Chart
  • Eclipse Plumage
  • What To Look For

Brenda Kelly – Wisconsin DNR

Brenda Kelly is WDNR’s Mississippi River Wildlife Biologist.  It’s a normal day for her where waterfowl play a part, whether it’s’ working on a waterfowl habitat project or you see her carrying binoculars to observe a migration or a shotgun and her retriever Reno in tow to target a meal.  She’ll be sharing her knowledge on what to look for out in the field to better know the cast of characters that represent our puddle and diver ducks and help you get a  jump on the fall migration!

Brenda Kelly
Ducks at a distance